PFS Holdings Limited are the number one choice for glazing protection Worldwide. Through our unique distribution arrangements, product specific brands and strategically placed installation teams we are able to fulfil any requirement provided by our clients.

Our Brands

Protective Film Solutions® are a global leader in the installation of specialist blast mitigation and security products for glazing.

National Window Films® are the UK’s leading supplier and installer of window film to solve a wide range of glazing problems.

Glass Films are Europe’s largest supplier of decorative window films supplying to both retail and trade customers via our dedicated website.

Our Products

Clarifoil™ Anti-Fog Film for Freezer Doors prevents fogging and maintains glass transparency therefore increasing retail sales and customer satisfaction.

Casper™ Cloaking Technology by Designtex is an architectural film for glass walls that obscures LED/OLED digital screens to outside view.

Solyx® Decorative Films & Simglas® Glasslike Films are the number one decorative window film brand for quality and durability.

PFS Flexible Anchoring Systems are designed to enhance the performance of safety window films in the event of an explosion.